Kevin is the main antagonist in Fred, he is now scared of Fred ever since Kevin thought that he killed

him.Kevin is played by Jake Weary. Kevin tricked him several times when they were kids. Once on a Friday afternoon Kevin threw dodgeballs at Fred Then on another occasion he threw a pizza at Fred at Judy's party. He appears in the episode Evil fred of Fred: The Show causing mayhem in the neighborhood and frames Fred. In the episode, Fred the Teen Sitter, Kevin is forced to stay at Fred's house for the whole day since his mother has an "emergency" come up. Kevin bullies Fred when Fred tries to parent him and throws a party at Freds house (which ends quickly because of Freds horrible dancing).When Kevin looks through a telescope he found in Fred's bedroom, he spots his mother still in his house feeling happy. Kevin then realizes that he is a horrible person and his mother wanted time away from him. Fred then convinces Kevin to change which he agrees to do.